Growing Gallery of Happy Clients

(Move your mouse over each picture to learn more about these great furred kids)

(Move your mouse over each picture to learn more about these great furred kids)

Cody of Clarendon Hills takes a quick play break

Dexter the Great, Downers Grove resident, boarder and former foster

Simba, a Rhodesian Ridgeback lives in Hinsdale and enjoys being our frequent model

Stay tuned as we continue to add more and I actually figure out how to get this gallery to work for me!

Toby after a long day at play

Wilsey of Clarendon Hills loves to play

Cody, Cairn Terrier, nestled in my Mom's arms during his 1st visit

Gene from Naperville discovered the joys of the puppy pool

Cooper is a resident of Hinsdale and has 2 cats (Nick & Oliver) and Gunner as siblings

Toby after a long day at play

Marina lives in Naperville now, but was a long-term foster and McKenzie's BFF

Ozzie during a playdate watches his brother Cody and Simba

Never a dull moment with Mel of Oak Park, boarding

Nick & Oliver live in Hinsdale with canine brother Gunner

Ellie & Riley live in Clarendon Hills

Tank, a Giant Schnauzer from Oak Brook loves walking in the woods

Tootsie of Oak Park enjoys regular walks with us

Oscar recently found his forever home in Oak Park and a 2nd home with Emerald Gryphon

Zuni, former

Annabelle (Annie), a brown Neuffie lives in Clarendon Hills

ChiChi of Clarendon Hills is our smallest boarder, but loves to hang with the

Gunner of Hinsdale is always happy and always up for play

Gorgeous Ozu of Westmont enjoys boarding with us

Buddy of Elmhurst likes to play, but likes to

Beautiful Layla of Oak Park enjoys walks with her friend Tootsie and also boards with us

Tisbury Fergalisous (Tizzy) is a walking client who lives in Westmont

Madison, of Clarendon Hills is a little confused about the difference between the drinking troughs and puppy pool

Duke of Oak Brook is a very sweet and happy boy

Delilah of Clarendon Hills tests the water in the puppy pool

Magic, also of Downers Grove just got out of the puppy pool while boarding